Anonymous said: did you guys send out the gifts yet? i didn't get mine yet. =( love your blog, btw!

We’re just beginning to send out the prizes, and we’re doing so a few at a time. We were devising a system that would ensure that the people on the list of winners were still current. But never fear, we have not forgotten and will get all of them out in due time!

And, thank you! We appreciate it n.n

Staff C 


Anonymous said: Your blog is awesome ! Well when my boyfriend goes down on me. Sometimes i get sooo pleasured to the point that i feel like i wanna 'cum' but it feels as if i'm gonna pee so i'm scared to 'cum' . Is this normal of feeling like this ? Should i just let it out ? Will i end up peeing instead :/

Thank you!

This is normal, actually. Usually if a woman can squirt, they discribe the feeling as the urge to go pee - in which case, we do advise you just let go! It is possible you could end up peeing instead of ejaculating since the feeling is the same, but it’s all alright - it happens. Be sure to warn your partner, and if he’s any good, he’ll be encouraging! Own your body!


Anonymous said: Hi
I'm 16, female and I have quite large inner 'lips'.
They stick out from the outer ones and are visible without my legs spread apart. Is this normal? do guys find this really unattractive or weird?
Im really self-conscious about it
help me :s

Worry not! You are normal. It’s not uncommon, either.

Just as every penis comes in different shapes and sizes, vaginas are no exception. Women can have large inner and outer labias as well as have almost none of either!

Once again, we’re dealing with personal preferences, so it is not possible to speak for all men, but from my personal understandings, men mostly don’t typically care either.

If it is something that you just can’t possibly live with, surgery is available, but like I said before, it really is no big deal to the opposite sex.

Don’t forget that confidence is key. Your body is yours - own it!


Anonymous said: If a guy masturbates and urinates right after, will the sperm count be lowered in his pre-cum?

I ask because my girlfriend wants to try birth control pills in addition to the pull out method, and I want to lower the chance of pregnancy as much as i can (we're both clean).

Oh and while we were having sex (cowgirl) while sitting, she kinda hurt my penis. I think it was the angle she was riding on but i'm not sure. how can we have sex in this position without hurting me?

Yes, if you urinate right after an ejaculation, it will kill off some of the fallen-behind sperm. With the birth control pills and the pull-out method combined, the odds of a pregnancy should be slim, but don’t forget the possibility always exists!

And yes, in that position, the angle could easily hurt or cause discomfort to your penis. Ask her to lay her body down on top of you or to lean forward. Keep your anatomies in mind! :)



The winners of our ONE condoms giveaway are in! See if you’ve made the cut (in no particular order):

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  4. awkward-elegance
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  19. thisredflagyouhold
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  45. rabidfangirl
  46. guitarist313
  47. halfmanhalfhorse
  48. dottiedoo
  49. inmytime1992-
  50. man-eating-crayon

Congratulations to our 50 winners! If you see your name on this list, please email us your shipping address at sexhelphotline@hotmail.com. Please include your Tumblr username as the subject.

As an added bonus, we have 2 special prizes for our gay community. If you are gay and your username is on this list, be sure to mention that you’d like the special prize. These two fall under the first come-first serve system.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our followers again! We really couldn’t have done it without you!


Anonymous said: Im seventeen and i've been having sex with a 25 year old. He told me the other day that I'm the first person [out of his #35] that he's had sex with that has had pubic hair. Im the youngest he's ever been with. I dont plan on shaving or waxing or anything, but he said he's always been with girls that had no hair. Would me not wanting to shave have to do with my age/generation? I know.. 8 years is a lot but we get along perfectly, and shaving is so uncomfortable I'd rather just trim. Is the age gap a problem? Is pubic hair a turn off for guys?

You not wanting to shave isn’t necessarily a trait of your specific generation - it’s a just a personal preference that you have for what you want to do with your pubic hair. Some girls do it, some girls don’t.

As for if it’s a turn off for guys, again, it’s a personal preference. There’s not a 100% on either way - not every girl shaves and not every guy prefers that their partner shave and vice versa.

To address the age gap, that’s one of those things that you have to decide for yourself. However, being that you are a minor and he is not, it is something to be aware of and something that can (in the hands of those who disapprove) carry with it legal consequences.

-Staff C


Anonymous said: Hello there! I need some advice.
Last night I was using "bikini-safe" Nair on my nether regions and it left a bad chemical burn. It's very painful to the touch and things like going to the bathroom or sitting upright are uncomfortable. Do you know what I should do to help this? Could the burn cause serious damage?

Ps. I love your blog. Thank you for doing all that you do!

Depending on the severity of the burn, there are some at home remedies that can be very useful. Aloe vera, for one. Cheap and soothing, it can help wonders (be sure that it is 100% aloe vera). Running cool water over the burn (though most effective when done immediately following the burn) can also help to soothe the irritation.

If you find that the pain is just too much, you may want to make a visit to your doctor who could prescribe some anti - biotic ointment to be sure that it doesn’t become infected.

It’s possible that you could have had an allergic reaction to the wax, so next time when (and if) using this brand of wax, try testing out a small area of hair to see if irritation occurs. Also, follow the instructions labeled on the wax carefully, it’s also a possibility that you just left it on your skin for too long.

-Staff C


Anonymous said: Is it okay to have had sex for the first time already, but for the wrong reasons and such, and you feel like in your heart and mind you are still a virgin?

It’s not so much that it isn’t okay - we’re not here to tell you what’s right or wrong about a particular subject (unless it isexplicitly so).

However, by telling yourself that you are a virgin when you have had sex is only lying to yourself. Though we all hope to lose our virginity to that “special someone” and that it’ll be at the right time and for all the right reasons, sometimes life just doesn’t end up that way.

-Staff C


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-Staff C


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